Knee-High to a Grasshopper!

Are you accessible to you toddler? Do they know it?  There are countless ways our little ones feel we value and cherish them. Being held, smiled at, listened to, hugged, kissed, protected, disciplined, and trained…all these are critical. But there’s more! There is another way to reach out to our toddlers which is often “overlooked.” Do you want to communicate clearly to your child that you enjoy them and long to be with them? Are you willing to sacrifice your wants, to-do's, and comfort for the sake of your infant or toddler?

Try an experiment and see how your child reacts. Go into the room where he/she is playing and simply sit down on the floor nearby. You probably won’t have to ask if you can play, and they will likely come quickly to where you are and begin interacting. Our youngest is 13 months old, and enjoys her newly discovered mobility. When she is not being held, she loves walking around looking at things. The moment I sit down on the floor, however, she will come to me. She will usually begin to climb on me, embrace my head, or pile toys or books in my lap. Suddenly, I have become accessible to her. I am no longer the towering Daddy. I am now within her reach. If I hope to connect with my children in a real, tangible way, they must know that I am accessible and near!                   - Eric

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