Relaxing Evening

Kristi's Night-Night Tea
Do you ever wish for a relaxing and calming evening?  If you have little ones around, you KNOW what I'm talking about.  Sometimes, even when the dishes are washed, the laundry is put away, the house is tidy, and it seems as though everything is going as planned, there are still those nights where we all have trouble winding 
down.  Whatever the reason, it happens to all of us and, when it does, at our house this calls for a special treat.  "Night-night tea."  Now, I don't mean the little boxes of pre-bagged teas you find at your local grocery store.  I am talking about delicious, organic, healthy herbs you buy in bulk to mix up on your own.  Come on, even if you aren't an "herbal tea" fanatic, stay with me here.  If you are completely new to the wonderful world of herbs and don't know where to begin...let me suggest one of my favorite beginner herb books, written by Rosemary Gladstar:
Rosemary is an internationally known herbalist, a mother, and grandmother.  I love this book because of the 
simple recipes for specific child and baby ailments, the easy to understand format, and the thorough job she does covering issues such as safety and dosages.  
OK, so back to our "night-night tea" (which is enjoyed by kids and adults alike in our home). It is a mix of chamomile, passionflower, spearmint, peppermint and lemon balm.  I like to sweeten it with either a pinch of our home grown stevia (steeped in with the herbs) or with raw honey.  There's just nothing like it!  Sometimes my kids ask for theirs "iced!"  After steeping the herbs, we all sit down at the table sipping our tea while chatting over the day's events. It becomes a time of fellowship. A time to connect.  A time to listen to what's on their minds.  Every moment counts!

Kristi's Very Strawberry Tea
I don't know if you can tell yet or not but I LOVE HERBS.  I love involving my kids and teaching them about herbs.  We also like to grow some of our own herbs!  Soon, I'd like to share some of my other yummy herbal tea concoctions with you.  You know why?  Cause herbs are healthy? Check.  Easy to make? Check.  Fun to do and learn about with your kids? Check. Healthy? check. (oops, already said that!).  Until next time! - Kristi

*** Can anyone guess which herb is responsible for giving Kristi's Very Strawberry Tea it's beautiful bright color?  Let's see what you think; send in those replies! ****

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