Homemaking Skills for our Girls (Part I)

Being overseas when the Lord led my husband and I to homeschool our children, we did not have many resources to choose from and we weren't surrounded by many others who were homeschooling at the time.  However, the Lord used His precious Word to help shape our family's vision and the goals we have for homeschooling our children (even though at the time they weren't even school age!)
Teaching our children Christ's character as we instruct them, and walking alongside them as they learn valuable life skills, are part of that vision.  It's more about discipleship than schooling!  This is a privilege and a blessing we do not take lightly.   

This past week, as we prayed through and finished up planning for the upcoming school year, we were reminded of one of the most practical little curriculum books we've enjoyed using with our children.  "Lessons in Responsibility for Girls"(a.k.a. Home Economics for Home Schoolers) is one of the many books in the series.  We have the books for girls as well as the books for boys (more on the boy's series in another post).  Our oldest daughter is currently using level two.  
244633: Lessons in Responsibility for Girls, Level 2  Up)Lessons in Responsibility for Girls, Level 2 Up)

The book for girls is broken down into chapters, each covering different, yet basic, homemaking skills for young girls to begin learning (6+).  It includes skills related to cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, and hospitality.  You could use it weekly (covering one chapter a week) or you could use it in the summer months.  It is not only great for teaching a young girl to follow basic steps and instructions (when it comes to cooking, for example) but it also begins to teach them the importance of some of the skills they are learning.

Last night, two of our daughters made a delicious dinner and a scrumptious dessert by following the recipes in the book.  We love not only that our oldest can follow most of the recipes by herself with very little input or assistance from us (except for when it comes to safety), but she loves to bring her younger siblings in on the fun.  She is modeling and teaching the younger ones valuable skills.  She, without us prompting her, is investing in them.  She is telling them, by her words and actions, that they matter and that their help is important. All the while having a fun time together.

 Dinner is ready!!

Today, after my oldest put some of the dessert bars in a tin for her grandparents to take home, I heard her grandmother say that perhaps they didn't need as many bars as she had included in the tin.  I smiled when I heard my daughter tell her:  "It's ok, we know how to make more!"

Brother helps take care of baby by feeding her homemade yogurt (or should we say: Sunmade yogurt!)
These homemaking skills are very important for our daughters to learn.  However, what is more important is that they learn to use their skills and knowledge to serve our Lord Jesus by serving and giving to others.  "Love builds up." Don't miss Part II of this topic!  - Eric and Kristi 

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